LotFP Campaign – March 2019

Ironing out a few details for the campaign we just kicked off this past week:

Magic – since magic in LotFP relates entirely to the extremes of Law (Divine) and Chaos (Arcane), I will treat the concept of supreme/powerful beings the same way. What if Angels and Demons were two sides of the same coin? An Angel is a creature of pure Law, just as a Demon is a creature of pure Chaos. Gods and Devils are even more extreme examples of the same dichotomy.

So when a Cleric worships his God or Gods to gain his Divine Spells, he is really harnessing the magical power of Absolute Law… just as the Magic User harnesses Absolute Chaos. Ultimately it is not important which God the Cleric worships, nor which Devil the Magic User has sold his soul too… it is the alignment of the character which allows him/her to manipulate that magic.

Now extrapolating further on this idea of magic, one assumes that any creature brought forth by a Summon spell is a Demon. Also, there is no actual rule here regarding what must be good or evil. One could theoretically Summon a “Good” Demon, just as one could potentially encounter an “Evil” Angel. The idea that one is inherently malevolent while the other is benevolent is merely a human misconception, demonstrating the limits of our perception of the universe.

As I’m writing this at stupid o’clock in the morning I realise I am going to have to have another look at the Cleric spell list and see how I may be able to work Angels into the game world. Demons should be easy… and since I am running Better Than Any Man to kick off this campaign I know of at least seven Demons already at work in the immediate vicinity.

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