REVIEW – Fish Fuckers

Fish Fuckers is a Lamentations of the Flame Princess Adventure with Text and Art by Kelvin Green, Graphic Design by Alex Mayo, and Editing by Jarrett Crader. You can buy it in a 52-page un-bookmarked PDF here. If the title and cover were not enough warning, it should be noted that this adventure contains sexual content and is for 18+ (adults) only.

The adventure revolves around the mostly-abandoned village of Innsmouth in North Devon, circa 1635. There are several rumours about the village that players can start off already having heard. These involve Innsmouth Gold, smuggling, and a haunted hillfort amongst others. The idea is to draw the PCs in to the village (perhaps seeking the source of the strange gold for themselves) so that they can experience the high weirdness contained within.


If you haven’t read it before or haven’t figured it out yet, this adventure is a Weird Fantasy play on the H.P. Lovecraft classic The Shadow Over Innsmouth. One thing I love in this adventure is the suggestions it gives the Referee for playing with the player’s heads if they are also familiar with the story… and they probably are. Kelvin suggests having some of the characters have family from the area, and using the Innsmouth Look to potentially create distrust in the party. Some of them may be Deep One Hybrids themselves after all! He even refers to it as Battlestar Galactica in Early Modern England.

One last spoiler before moving on: The Deep Ones aren’t the bad guys here, but the victims of a perverse cult. There are multiple NPCs that could potentially help the players if they play their cards right, and they all hold clues to the Innsmouth mystery. At least one can lead them to the sea cave where the cult keeps their treasure. The Deep Ones may even approach the party to plead for help!


My biggest critique of this adventure would be the lack of bookmarks on the PDF. It’s not a deal-breaker, but would have been helpful when using the PDF during an online game like I do. That said, the module is well laid out and has all the vital stats and info in the layout where you need them, as well as in the relevant sections at the end of the book. Also, like in The Seed, Kelvin has an excellent map with all of the page numbers relevant to the book for location descriptions and events. I have only displayed the Player Facing Map below so as to avoid more spoilers, but kudos to Kelvin for including a player friendly map as well! This is often overlooked I find.

I’ve run the scenario a couple of times now and I find it very easy to prep for and improvise with. The page numbers on the Referee Map are lifesavers for sure, since you never know where the players will go once you introduce them to the area. The biggest risk I suppose is that once they find out what’s going on they will just turn around and walk away. Sure, they live to adventure another day… but if they do this they get no monetary or experience reward of course. I would recommend trying to bait them in early with one of the more sympathetic NPCs.

The scenario contains random tables for exploring the houses of the village and a name generator for people from the area. The name generator could be used for any game taking place in England in the 17th century and I’ve seen players use it in my campaign as well. Also included are two new spells for your LotFP game, Bind Deep One and Forget-Me-Do. There is real treasure to find in this one as well if the party is cautious and explores the area thoroughly.

Artwork is great, and the layout is top-notch as well! I didn’t notice any editing mistakes during my three or four reads of the adventure either, so props for that! I know I keep mentioning the maps, but they are all fantastic and easy to use.

Final Verdict: This is another quality LotFP product from one of their best collaborators, and I’m so glad I managed to get one of the 500 physical copies in the limited release!

Writing – 5
Art – 5
Layout – 5
Usability – 5
Total – 5

1 – Awful
2 – Bad
3 – OK
4 – Good
5 – Great

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